This Collaboration Goes to Eleven

Crypto Art Sep 3, 2020

In an historic first of its kind for a single ERC-721 token based crypto art collaboration, the heavy duty masterpiece Palimpsest arrives on the scene as evidence of an enduring and defining trait  of this space: artistic collaboration.

Certainly pushing the maximums in an already eagerly collaborative space, this piece features an astonishing 11 artists! Without further ado, let's check out the work.

Don_keyedjote, Robness, Danil Pan, Arvid Hjorth, Prasun Mondal, The Perfesser, Mehak Jain, Neurocolor, Legendary_LGDN, Rutger van der Tas, and Talos. "Palimpsest," 2020 (Rarible)

This piece carries with it an intensely wavy palette, a welcome asthetic to the various *wave afficianados. There is a lot going on here and all the artists styles meld well so it's fun to just get lost in the work trying to seek out each artist's contribution to the overall effect.

The symbolism is interesting and there are a multitude of faces present, including those known and unknown, famous and possibly familiar, right down to a peeking cat. The grasping hands are reminiscent of the Santa Cruz screaming hand, and really add a lively almost charmingly cursed touch to the piece. There appears to be a nod to time passage or travel, and like many a crypto artwork before it, the use of financial instruments and monetary references abounds.

It's almost as though this work shows monetary progression in systems, where the old USD is paved over and serving as a foundation or old roadbed on which the newer, BTC projects and beams and grows. Only later to yield to a far more popular ETH, which in its own is currently tumulutuous with excessively high transaction fees, and has the community looking to a more pleasant future while the picture remains increasingly unclear.


The following artists contributed to Palimpsest.

Acquire the art

Palimpsest is currently being offered at 50 ETH on Rarible.

This piece was created by the following artists, in this order. Kami$amaRobnessXPDanil PanArvid HjorthDestro_pxThePerfesserMehak JainNeuroLegendaryRutger van der TasTalos It is the first 11 artist collaboration as a Rarible NFT. It was done as a decentralized collaborative effort. The…


From the chilling coincidence department... according to Robness, the piece was sold (to maxosiris for the full 50 ETH asking price) on 2020-09-11 and included imagery from the events of September 11 2001 in the work.

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Germain Therriault

Crypto is the future! I like to chat with artists and uncover the interesting details that make each one unique. French person trapped in the Pacific Northwest with a bicycle and two cats.

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