The Amount of Energy & CO2 is too Damned High

Feb 28, 2021

Energy usage and CO2 emission by blockchains, particularly by so-called proof-of-work (PoW) blockchains is unsustainably bad, according to several artists and researchers.

This person might be paid by a lobbyist to tweet things like this fine example. DYOR

We examined 5 of the top 10 crypto artists, and their Ethereum contract usage, along with some other artists who have been active for longer periods of time to determine the related energy and CO2 numbers using the tools,, and etherscan, and the results are terrifying.

By no means is this super scientific, but c'mon people– there is actual damage being done and it is being done by ART – something that is supposed to bring joy to the world, not wreck it. Multiple people are speaking out about this issue, and it really is best to properly address these hot garbage messes before they doom the whole scene, or planet, or whatever.

We are also using other peoples' tools for this unscientific list of numbers (based on 100% public data which anyone can access), so if you have a problem with the results, take it up with those other people! 🤣

Beeple. "Bull Run," 2020 (Nifty Gateway)

Beeple is bullshit...

The all American wunderkind Beeple, with his most hilariously meme-ridden 3D masterpieces including the infamous dual scrotum bull has done everything almost exclusively through the NiftyGateway platform.

Here is a small breakdown of some energy and CO2 by contracts used for just some of Beeple's art drops. Note that each contract could have been responsible for issuing multiple different artowork editions as part of the drop.

Title Contract address Energy in kWh CO2 in kg
THE COMPLETE MF COLLECTION 0x63c0691d05f441f42915ca6ca0a6f60d8ce148cd 2,133 1,244
LATE CAPITALISM #1/1 0x6e5dc5405baefb8c0166bcc78d2692777f2cbffb 6,513 3,800
POLITICS IS BULLSHIT 0x12f28e2106ce8fd8464885b80ea865e98b465149 18,921 11,038
BULL RUN 0xd92e44ac213b9ebda0178e1523cc0ce177b7fa96 112,437 65,596
Beeple Everydays - Raw 0xc170384371494b2a8f6ba20f4d085c4dde763d96 17,376 10,137
Total 157,380 91,815

So that's 157,380 kWh of electricity and 91,815 kilograms of CO2 for 5 art drop contracts over a matter of weeks.

The Beeple drop figures referenced above represent more energy usage and CO2 emissions than many of the original crypto artists who started in 2018 have generated in 4 years of total output! 💀

You can use the tool to examine individual artworks by their URL, and also individual artist wallet addresses. For example, here are the impacts of individual crypto creator wallets from the top 10 list at positions 2 through 6 respectively.

Top crypto artist wallets by energy consumption & CO2 emissions

Another way that an artist can top the charts is to have wallets that are associated with a great deal of energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Here are some of the other top 20 artists and their combined impact.

Artist Wallet address Energy in kWh CO2 in kg
Pak 0x45c51324bC2A27CE428E6820b7905b0fd437431d 17,640 10,291
Trevor Jones 0x6C6e93874216112Ef12A0D04e2679ecc6c3625cc 28,551 16,657
micah_johnson3 0x80Aa4AF1Fb6e8a381b73809cbf06AED2666A7b64 40,533 23,647
Hackatao 0x21316e6a4f0af45e5f1503984e83b10c53b177d8 83,893 48,944
XCOPY 0x3768225622d53ffcc1e00eac53a2a870ecd825c8 39,802 23,220
Coldie 0xd0C877B474CD51959931a7f70D7a6c60F50cdAE7 132,143 77,093
Coldie* 0x35764Fd659509f60C9531F27fDb5305F85A1398B 33,514 19,552
Alotta Money 0xbd9b7373aac15d9a93c810df3999343f4fe1ed88 193,227 112,729
Total 569303 332133

The totals here are quite staggering at 569,303 kWh of electricity used and 332,133 kilograms of CO2 emitted. Are we fucking doomed as a civilization? Certainly. Are these people helping accelerate said doom? DYOR 😫

* Artists sometimes have multiple cryptocurrency wallets.

"#Rarigang for life!"

Robness. "ROBNΞSS SIGNING THE $RARI CHART," 2020 (Rarible)

Impact of wallets controlled by some so-called "OG" crypto artist creators who have been in the scene since at least 2018

It's not just the TOP ARTISTS who are having all the fun while Earth burns. Some of the earlier artists (active since ~2018) are carrying around some staggering baggage associated with their wallets. Here are five examples.

Artist Wallet address Energy in kWh CO2 in kg
Robness 0x7485ac6d8534691993348d51ab0f131a19fff763 639,237 372,932
Max Osiris 0x2e0b873d26f6d90f347757ed0d041bc65e02a89f 352,425 205,605
Miss Al Simpson 0x8b7adc43153bcfae98ab20ce9fff23331f542387 192,685 112,413
Gary Cartlidge 0xa12db9f88f096f527fbe87a752c6ec16d501a25f 167,031 97,446
abysms 0xed9b15ba4d0e3d8bb1825f1b994eb6406d8b3a92 76,908 44,868
Total 1,428,286 833264


Check out artist Robness there with the absolutely fucking astounding 639,237 kWh of electricity consumption, and utterly horrible 372,932 kilograms of CO2 emitted by this one wallet that they use for art purposes. Not only great at dumping on some RARI, but also highly effective at dumping on planet Earth.

That energy consumption is equivalent to an EU resident's electricity consumption for 176 years according to! 🤯

Pump it pump it pump pump it up... nothing can make this one stop...

A single artist burned the equivalent of 49 years of electricity consumption, with an edition of just 2 artworks.

CO2 emitted: 103,129 Kg

– Joanie Lemercier [twitter]

Like What?

Of course if you care more about doing the right thing than merely pumping your ego and Ethereum wallet into oblvion, you can feast your energy-wasting eyes and brain on A guide to ecofriendly CryptoArt (NFTs).

Clean up your act crypto art; the world is watching and you don't want to have to default to Elon saving you.

Nodoka Jouon

Self-taught dork from the 68k Motorola days who is always interested in some crypto art.

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