Start at the Beginning

Alpacawhal Jul 3, 2020

Hello and thank you for caring.

Today, Alpacawhal finally has all the bits necessary to become digitally alive!

Alpacawhal exists mainly as an educational and informational lab to peer into exciting new art art scenes and share stuff about them with you, our gentle readers.

There will eventually be even more humans, each with their own carefully honed personalities attached this project. It will be decent and carefully thought out with more than a half-assed attempt to remain impartial, respectful, and truthful, but also hilarious.

Alpacawhal aims to be a collection of diverse thought and examples of exciting art in emerging spaces.

You can expect the only consistent voice here to be "Yay, Art!", while actual essays, haiku, charts 'n graphs, or critical thinkpieces will be prsentend in the voice of their respective authors. Editorial constraint will be exercised in deference to the author's own artistic freedom.

Additionally, we will affirm the following principles...

OficinasTK. "A single pear (still life).," 2019 (SuperRare)

The Alpacawhal Affirmation

Alpacawhal will strive to impart information with humor so as to not take topics too seriously. This is coverage of art and spaces for creation, not warfare- This information deserves accuracy, but can also be presented with levity and the occasional hilarity. It is our hope that this can help us all to remain humble contributors to a movement capable of introspection through lightheartedness.

Alpacawhal will seek to amplify voices of unheard and underrepresented artists.

Alpacawhal will not publish any content that is directly monetized without a disclaimer about the source of monetization and will constantly seek to avoid conflicts of interest in regards to published content regardless of author or topic.

This affirmation will always appear in its complete and most up-to-date form on the About Alpacwhal page.

What Next?

This is essentially a soft launch of the website and there is much more work to be done before Alpacawhal is truly ready for the world at large. We invite you to provide feedback into shaping our future as well.

Some of the things we will focus on next include:

  • Complete the content backlog by authoring more content
  • Decide common article formats to offer (interviews, reviews, etc.)
  • Fix remaining technical challenges
  • Consider models for advertising and sponsored content
  • Add paid memberships and a premium newsletter with special content
  • Add perks for supporters

We hope that you will enjoy the content we create, that it inspires healthy thought and debate, and most importantly: that our existence and coverage helps to further strenghten the artists and expand the art communities we cover.

If you found this article interesting, please share it with a friend and donate to Alpacawhal.

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