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This article is part of the Alpacawhal interview series A Couple Minutes on Crypto Art, where we talk with brilliant and emerging crypto artists.

We are joined in this editon by Faith, an amazing illustrator from the United States who is quite new to the crypto art scene and already causing a major splash at SuperRare.

Alpacawhal: Thank you so much for taking some time out of your day to talk with us! We know that you are super busy making art, you are new to the crypto art scene, and you have a very particular journey ahead that your art is assisting you with. Please take a moment to introduce yourself and tell us about you, your art, and what it means to your life right now.

Faith: I'm Faith, I'm a Chicago native living in Richmond, Virginia. I've been drawing since about 2013 and started taking it seriously around 2016. I'm self taught, and learned everything from reading books and lots of practice. Some of my favorite artists happen to be Remedios Varo, Kay Sage & Ithell Colquhoun.

I'm big on surrealism. I want people to see my art and form a meaning. The less I have to tell, the better it is to interpret. My first work took off back in 2018 on twitter and it's only been up from there.

I stick to a very strict color palette which seems to be my signature. I love dark colors, browns, deep yellows, those are my go-tos before anything else. Most of my ideas erupt from random thought and very strategically thought out sketches.

I pride myself on my work and some would call me a bit of a perfectionist. I'm a big believer in quality over quantity but when your brain is working non-stop that can sometimes be hard.

A representative of SuperRare reached out to me via Twitter letting me know that they really liked my art and wanted to know if I wanted to sell on the site. I hadn't heard about SR before then but I did a little bit of research, and I thought it was pretty interesting.

I'm hoping to invest in a few pieces on SR. I often find myself scrolling on the activity feed marveling at how amazing some of the artists are on there and how I want to be their first bid one day!

Alpacawhal: Hey, surrealism without a single mention of Dali. Love it!  Your inspirations are fascinating and we hope readers unfamiliar with these women of surrealism will hit a search engine and learn something about their contributions to the movement. Your art is bold and your voice comes through quite clearly in the work. Many beginning artists struggle to find their voice in art so clearly as you have. Your body of work also has a lovely consistent theme throughout due in part to to your constrained palette. When you set out in 2013, did you follow a fairly traditional approach to art and drawing? Were you set on your palette even then or did you develop it over time?

Faith: I love a good Dali piece but he’s in like my top 10 :) these are 3 GREAT female artists that I absolutely adore. I wish I could go back in time and meet them. It took some time to find a theme and even then I still feel like I have SO MUCH room to grow.

Back in 2013, I was drawing cartoony type stuff. Very Disney like stuff. I had just learned how to form body shapes and I took that talent and ran with it. Over time, my style changed and when I came to Twitter that’s when I really could blossom. I wasn’t into bright colors but nudes.

"I stick to a very strict color palette which seems to be my signature. I love dark colors, browns, deep yellows, those are my go-tos before anything else."

Faith. "We never see eye to eye," 2020 (SuperRare)

Alpacawhal: Wow, my next question was literally gonna be "You are transported back to 1924 and happen upon Goll and Breton literally fighting about surrealism. Do you take a side? Whose?" We are both thinking about time travel it seems! Did you start out learning to draw in "analog mode" and make the switch to digital or have you always drawn digitally?

Faith: I have no idea whose side I would take! Now I’m gonna think about that heavy!! I started out analog, I was also painting on canvas a lot back then but then I downloaded procreate on my iPhone and went from there.

Alpacawhal: Rad that you have painted canvasses before! Some artists in this space find great success pairing analog art with NFTs in neat combination deals, and your art would be great for that approach in our opinion. Something you might look into later. Are you still using Procreate now, but with an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, is that right? Do you you use any other tools in your process?

Faith: I’ve definitely thought about merging the two. I know it would be a beautiful masterpiece. I am still using Procreate and iPad Pro. This seems to be the easiest setup for me but I’m also learning a lot about Adobe Illustrator!

Alpacawhal: Awesome! You have a very special campaign going on right now, so to speak. We in America have this fucked up notion that only the privileged and wealthy deserve health and happiness. So we have to go the extra mile to take care of ourselves and our health here.

We saw you out there, Faith.

We noticed your particular struggle is to simply raise funds to care for the health of your own body. You personally have to fight that much more and overcome your health challenges to share yourself with this world through your art.  Please tell us what you are doing with the proceeds of your crypto art sales, and please tell us what we can do to help support you, your art, and your cause.

Faith: 90% of my money from art sales goes straight towards my treatments. I have Sickle cell SS which I’ve been suffering from for the past 9-10 years. It only got worse as I got older and most of the time I’d rather spend money on staying healthy than anything else.

As of right now, I’m currently putting all of my proceeds towards a stem cell treatment  which will all in all replace my damaged bone marrow with healthy bone marrow and kill the trait completely. It’s extremely expensive but I have such a huge support system they’ve been nothing but great. I do look forward to that one BIG SALE on SuperRare that sets everything off for me but I have a ton of patience.

Sometimes it’s hard trying to make this a full time job while also trying to beat the weight of everything else or not being able to create or post as quickly as others but I’ve learned to work at my own pace and I think the individuals on my platform respect that about me.

Alpacawhal: This is one of the most beautiful things we have come to know in the crypto art scene to date, and we deeply admire you for your pursuit and super art.  We are also hopeful that the kind and wonderful people of our community will lift you up and help you reach your goal!

Thank you for taking some time to raise awareness of Sickle cell SS here as well; is there another campaign where you are raising funds for your stem cell treatments or a general campaign that folks can also donate to?

Faith: I appreciate you all for welcoming me in with such open arms. I finally feel seen and appreciated heavily as an artist. I’m also raising funds through my GoFundMe,which has been nothing short of great!

Stem cell transplant, organized by Faith Love Wilks
Hi guys! It’s Faith. I am artist trying to go full time but having sickle cell makes that EXTRE… Faith Love Wilks needs your support for Stem cell transplant

"As of right now, I’m currently putting all of my proceeds towards a stem cell treatment  which will all in all replace my damaged bone marrow with healthy bone marrow and kill the trait completely."

Faith. "Overthink," [detail] 2020 (SuperRare)

Alpacawhal: You are a powerful artist, and we see amazing things in the future for you. It's great that we could talk with you and share some of you story. What is next for Faith in crypto art? Are you considering making your art available on other platforms? We notice that some of your work, like "Boxed in" and "Overthink" are animations. Do you plan to explore any other creation media, like Virtual Realty or Augmented reality, or can we expect you to stay steady with 2D illustrations and animations only for now?

Faith: I appreciate that! I hope it goes smoothly. I definitely want to do my research on those 2 options before I dive right in. I’m just getting into animation and I won’t say it’s easy but it has been an extreme challenge teaching it to myself with little to no help. I suppose once I get the hang of that, I’d love to venture out to other creative methods.

Alpacawhal: Yes! We are excited for you and cannot wait to see you continuing to flourish in the space. We thank you so much for hanging out with us, and wish you the best of luck on meeting all your goals!

As a parting shot, we are quite interested in your perception of the scene as a relative newcomer. Do you have any ideas on anything that could be done to support more artists like you joining in and share their art in the crypto art space going forward?

Faith: I think everyone should get the same excitement as other artists do. It can be a little discouraging / underwhelming having to hype your own art up without any support especially with such a LARGE platform such as SuperRare. I feel as though a lot of artists have amazing work but miss that big opportunity to hit it off on SR because they aren’t being shared around like others are. But that’s just a thought of mine.

We hope you enjoyed A Couple Minutes on Crypto Art with Faith; if so, make sure to share this with a friend.

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