SHE ART Exhibition

Event Sep 10, 2020

At 17.00 BST | 12.00 ET | 09.00 PT Friday the 11th September, the SHE ART exhibition opens in the London Gallery, Cryotovoxels.

London Gallery, Cryptovoxels

This is a MASSIVE SHOW featuring at least 30 amazing women artists!

Alpacawhal used a bit of spatial happenstance wizardry earlier today to both confirm the absolute beauty and wonder contained within the walls of the London Gallery, and learn that the following artists are all featured in the exhibit.

  • Angie Taylor
  • Ann Ahoy
  • artbymitrai
  • Bárbara Bezina
  • Barbara Tosti
  • combugnera
  • CrypticFauna
  • Cryptoyuna
  • daira
  • Gala Mirissa
  • Gisel X Florez
  • Hivemindlife
  • Indrani Mitra
  • jilt
  • Josie Bellini
  • Kitty Bast
  • kristyglas
  • Lapin Mignon
  • Liza Grace
  • LUVRWorldwide
  • Marah Gemx
  • Mel Duarte
  • Miss Al Simpson
  • oculardelusion
  • Sarah Zucker
  • Silje Thorn
  • Sparrow
  • Stellabelle
  • Stina Jones
  • The Bad Lament
  • Vivienne Scardovelli
  • Vyankka
  • y0b

We learned that there will also be punk-rock inspired music by DJ MsAdventure on the roof terrace! This is sure to be an experience filled with great art and a nice party for all.

Visit the show Friday the 11th September, at 17.00 BST | 12.00 ET | 09.00 PT in the London Gallery, Cryptovoxels.

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