Sean Ono Lennon, NFT Artist

Crypto Art Dec 13, 2020

If you have been following the cryptoart scene for any length of time, you'll know that Beeple just showed up and blew up the spot with his drop "Beeple Everydays", but did you know that Sean Ono Lennon also just dropped a piece on Rarible?!

From the casual tweet, we get the URL...and have a first look for you here on Alpacawhal.

Etharian 1

"...made from what was my first digital drawing w a stylus. I normally draw on paper."

Sean Ono Lennon. "Etherian 1," 2020 (Rarible)

A beautiful genesis work that is brimming with rich textures and vivid color accents around the face. Described by the artist as "rotund", this lounging Etharian is simply decadent and fantastic.

The artist mentions in a follow on tweet that this is their first effort at drawing with a digital stylus.

It is a fantastic first effort, we wish you all the best, and thanks for joining the scene. This is truly one of the most exciting moments that we have ever witnessed in cryptoart!

Sean Ono Lennon


Senem de Kroon

I am a passionate writer and consumer of art. The cryptoart space is exciting and breathing fresh air into the tired art world's life support system. My first collected NFT artwork is by XCOPY. 🖼🎉

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