Pop Art Redux

Pop Art Aug 8, 2020

There are exciting undercurrents in the crypto art space, which feel unique and perhaps revolutionary. The space is a true art movement unto itsself thanks in no small part to dedicated artists, collectors, gallerists, and others involved in promoting this fantastic and futuristic new art era.

There are also common patterns present in this nasicent space, which already resemble familiar holdovers from the legacy art space — least of which include the perpetuation of common styles, such as Pop Art.

Back in June of 2020, the debut opening by a premiere cryptoart gallery, SuperRare of their Decentraland-based VR gallery at coordinate showcased 9 of their best pop artists from the crypto art space in its well-received Crypto-Pop show.

One refreshing aspect of this show was a nice presence of at least a few women artists, who are also highlighted here.


JENISU. "Still Life #4," 2020 (SuperRare)

A super loud and proud palette that is like vaporwave meets HDR, combined with a surgically precise line, and sweet compositions of wonderfully vibrant still life along with girls & love are hallmarks of the JENSU vibe. Her work is oustoundingly signature and frequently sold out. You are going to have to play the secondary market or be patient for new work to find one!


JENISU website
JENISU SuperRare
JENISU Instagram

Bronwyn Lundberg

Lundberg, Bronwyn. "u r winning #tbt," 2020 (SuperRare)

Bronwyn Lundberg perfectly captures such pop icons as fanny packs and 90s telephones with vibrant palettes and super clever animations. This piece features wonderfully illustrated raptor babes who chat in an augties style, going back to the rich skeumorphism of pop communication. All of Lundberg's animations are delightfully clever and witty. Her work is a great way to collect instant smiles.

Bronwyn Lundberg

Bronwyn Lundberg website
Bronwyn Lundberg SuperRare
Bronwyn Lundberg Instagram

Miss AL Simpson

Miss AL Simpson. "Bitcoin Bitch - Token 5," 2019 (SuperRare)

Miss Simpson's work is the epitome of glamorous transformation. With a punchy and contrasty style that blends elements of luxury and consumer culture with bold messages from contemporary digital citizenship. Her striking use of collage and bright paint flecks signal a noteworthy form that is accessible to all, but also highly sought after by collectors.

Miss AL Simpson

Miss AL Simpson website
Miss AL Simpson SuperRare
Miss AL Simpson Instagram

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Senem de Kroon

I am a passionate writer and consumer of art. The cryptoart space is exciting and breathing fresh air into the tired art world's life support system. My first collected NFT artwork is by XCOPY. 🖼🎉

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