Paris Hilton is a Crypto Artist

Crypto Art Aug 10, 2020

In April of 2020, Paris Hilton created her artwork "Kitty", released it on the Cryptograph platform, and joined hundreds of pioneering artists involved in the exciting new world of Crypto Art.

Hilton, Paris. "Kitty," 2020 (Cryptograph)

Check out What is Crypto Art? for a brief explainer if this is all unfamiliar to you.

That's hot!

The TL;DR however is that miss Hilton created this artwork, a drawing of her cat Munchkin and released the work as a non-fungible token on the Ethereum blockchain.

"Kitty" then went on to sell for 40 ETH at auction, which at the time equated to almost $18,000 raised for her choice of charities LA Food Bank, Meals on Wheels USA, and Backpack Bed.

Munchkin, Paris Hilton, and "Kitty" during the moment of creation

Cheers and congratulations to miss Hilton for her fantastic start in the crypto art scene! Here's to reviewing more of your fine art NFTs going forward.

Shouts out also to Cryptograph; it's nice to discover a platform exists to curate a cool form of crypto art by celebrities for charity.

To learn more about this artwork, including a great feature video of the art production process check out Cryptograph's page for "Kitty".

Paris Hilton


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