Paradoxically Out of Place Astronauts

Crypto Art Jan 2, 2021

Cryptoart often runs in currents of extremely similar forms of expression.

This is also amplified by technology and tools used in the creation process.  The end result lends to difficulty in the discovery of a unique voices across artists who practice similar motifs and confusion for beginning collectors.

One popular motif to recently emerge in the 3D oriented art generes is what we are terming the "paradoxically out of place astronaut" genere. Several artists have adopted the motif of a space suit that is juxtaposed against unlikely environments.

This creates a simple and successful (albeit formulaic) expression and style which numerous artists can adopt and present through their own voices. The issue lies with the core of the art– the materials and techniques are so similar, that we are often left with merely composition, lighting, and texture to use for differentiation between artists.

Luxurious Space Vibe?

mbsjq. "One Proud Owner," 2020 [detail] (SuperRare)

In a surrealistically vibrant nowhere environment, a race car model with some grungy normals rides on Blender tutorial donuts for wheels atop indistinguishable hairlike texture... There are pool floats everywhere. It all has a metallic sheen of improbability and lounging in front of it all, an inexplicably gold empty space suit.

An Entire Series of Empty Space Suits

One thing that is for certain when viewing these works is that they do manage to impart a sort of whimsical emotion with absurd subject matter and story pretense while featuring literally empty content in each piece. They also exhibit a sterile and overly technical mastery of 3D model and texture collecting. The placement, composition, and lighting are consistent with a trained professional Cinema 4D wrangler.

Even More Astronauts!

In case you think that mbsjq is having all the fun, oh no... there are plenty examples to go around. In the small collection above, it is worth noting that "Waiting Room" was released 2 years ago. The piece "BITCOIN BAHAMAS" was included as an honorable mention. Not an astronaut per se, but at least they have a helmet! 🤣

Once More, With Feeling

Let's not exclude more astronauts, we need to find more astronauts! What about MakersPlace? They'll certainly have at least one, right?

At MakersPlace in particular, December of 2020 appears to have brought with it an explosion of astronauts! There are now literally dozens of examples to choose from by many artists across the various platforms.

Whether this trend denotes anything more than a show of superior rendering power and asset selection, or if there really is true meaning to be unlocked by this repetitious genre is anyone's guess.

As for now, people certainly appear to enjoy collecting them.


Nodoka Jouon

Self-taught dork from the 68k Motorola days who is always interested in some crypto art.

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