On Offer: Bea's "Catrina"

on offer Oct 26, 2020

We are excited to announce the first in our series "On Offer," where a select work of crypto art that is currently on offer from the Alpacawhal collection is displayed and detailed, including relevant history and offer details.

For this installment, we feature the absolutely tantalizing art of Beatriz Helena Ramos, the founder and CEO of DADA with a classic rare piece of hers from the DADA "Creeps and Weirdos" series, which represent some of the earliest crypto art tokens minted on Ethereum.

A dis de los muertos Catrina mask artwork by Beatriz Helena Ramos
Beatriz Helena Ramos. "Catrina," 2016 (DADA)

This work is hand drawn in the minialistic drawing tool of the DADA website. The Dia De Muertos vibe is felt and the humanity of expression is so rich. This masked person has infinite allure and mystique about them. The way that the face emerges from blackness is both haunting and playfully celebratory. The realism is especially impressive given the limited nature of the tool used to create this marvelous art.


The artwork is an ERC-721 NFT from the DADA collectible contract at 0x34d77a17038491A2a9Eaa6E690B7C7CD39FC8392.

This NFT artwork is part of a series of 23. The series is numbered 393-416; this is NFT number #405. You can browse available DADA collectibles in OpenSea.

Alpacawhal is offering this fine crypto art NFT in exchange for a Cryptovoxels parcel within Origin City and preferably in a neighborhood like Les Marais, Little Tokyo, Gangnam, or Frankfurt for examples.

We are prepared to exchange this artwork for such a parcel at any time.

To reach out about this offer, please contact us here or on Twitter @alpacawhal; our DMs are open!

Beatriz Helena Ramos


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