Crypto Art Nov 14, 2020

This is a brief look into an historical event from the Ethereum crypto art scene involving the SuperRare gallery and collector WhaleSharkPro...

Back in August, we reported that collector WhaleSharkPro made a series of vague accusatory tweets, and then quit their patronage at SuperRare, in "Whale Jumps the Shark."

What we did not get into at the time however, was the resulting aftermath that is present to this day. If you visit the WhaleSharkPro account on SuperRare today, you will actually be visiting the account notinuse.

While WhaleSharkPro was known to purchase heavy duty art for hundreds of thousands of USD worth of ETH, they usually transferred most pieces to the account thevault. So it is quite interesting that these three pieces are the only ones left in the actual WhaleSharkPro / notinuse wallet and associated SuperRare account.

@notinuse. The current state of the WhaleSharkPro SuperRare account. 

As shown in the screenshot above, notinuse follows no one, but has 88 followers and currently only three SuperRare art NFTs in their collection.

Those artworks are as follows.

I don't tell anyone

Hackatao. "I don't tell anyone" [detail], 2020, (SuperRare)

Hackatao doesn't tell anyone in this piece about Avastars, freaks, and . The description on this art is.

"Especially to you" This is an authorized remix of this avastar:

Fly with Us

Alotta Money and Reinhard Schmid. "Fly With Us" [detail], 2020, (SuperRare)

Simply showing off cool tricks and vibes while beckoning us to fly with them. Why did WhaleSharkPro stop flying with them on SuperRare?

Prim Vexillum

Pak. "Prim Vexillum" [detail], 2020, (SuperRare)

This lil' vexillum is apparently an offensive battle flag, signalling some kind of fight. Who does this fight involve, though? What's the fight about?

The description of this piece is simply,

..for eternities. #pak #whaleshark

Whose side might Pak be on in this current battle?

There are so many unanswered questions about why these three particular works remain in the wallet and the associated account.

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Alotta Money

Reinhard Schmid



Senem de Kroon

I am a passionate writer and consumer of art. The cryptoart space is exciting and breathing fresh air into the tired art world's life support system. My first collected NFT artwork is by XCOPY. 🖼🎉

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