For the Love of Crypto Art Women

Crypto Art Sep 8, 2020

Lately, the crypto art space has been extra toxic, with concentrations of male-ego-driven power, related turf-wars and the associated blowback making it hard to demonstrate a consistent community voice to those who might want to join us, and participate.

Sure, there will always be drama, stunting, and toxicity as a crude form of entertainment and background noise. Every community has some level of these elements, but the more they are present in the space the less chance of making meaningful impact on the world and attracting newcomers, too.

So it is really refreshing to see some crypto artists promote more love in the space with #cryptolove! What is #cryptolove? It is the gifting of art amongst all of the awesome women in the space in a series of tweets using the hashtag.

It all started with this lovely tweet by Lapin Mignon...

The tweet by Lapin Mignon that began #cryptolove

What a fantastic idea, indeed! With the initial gift of Lapin Mignon's delightful heart, soon many other artists were participating in #cryptolove.

The first #cryptolove gifting to SAINT HERESEY...

SAINT HERESEY heeds the call, gifting a moon to Sparrow...

She gifts a beautiful mooon based piece to the inimitable Sparrow.

Sparrow stays by the moon and gifts it to Yuna...

Sparrow stuck to the moon motif and asks for the next participant... These posisitivty chains threading throughout Twitter are some of the best content on the platform. It really does shine a light on the dark and gritty vibes that often permeate the space.

Yuna comes through with "One Heart, One World" and gives to Stina Jones.

Accepting Sparrow's "Moon," Yuna creates "One Heart" and gifts it to Stina Jones...

An Inkling from Stina appears!

Stina Jones shares a beautiful Inkling with Kitty Bast.

Kitty Bast shares "Doll Part" with CECHK!

This could go on forever, and we certainly encourage you to keep up in the thread as these wondrous women from all over the world share love and positivity through art.

Crypto Art Women Rock!

Our space is a creative one about efforts that are usually driven (despite what some might say) from a place in the heart, and women are who we can easily find amplifying this most.

For steady and genuine growth as a movement that can be taken seriously— something so brand new and with so much possibility, a loving and welcoming approach needs to be taken.

This is what the women of crypto art are trying to do. Now there is even more exciting organization taking place.

This sharing of love through art with the #cryprtoart hashtag has lead to serious oranization among the women of crypto art and this is applauded and exciting. You can find out more about the effort and participate at the Crypto Art Women Discord.

Gallery of artists featured in this article

This is only a representation of the first six artists to partcipate in #cryptolove at publish time, and in no way means to exclude any artist that has participated. If you have a comprehensive list of all participating artists, contact us and it will be added to this article.

We hope that you enjoyed this glimpse at some of the rad women of crypto art.

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Kitty Bast

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Senem de Kroon

I am a passionate writer and consumer of art. The cryptoart space is exciting and breathing fresh air into the tired art world's life support system. My first collected NFT artwork is by XCOPY. 🖼🎉

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