Goodbye Rarible Dot Com

Crypto Art Oct 10, 2020

This is a guest editorial feature by the crypto artist obxium.

This is my artist's statement in regards to making my art available on Rarible.

obxium. "Fakeable," 2020 (KnownOrigin)

Having witnessed too many cases of other artist's art stolen and sold on the platform in combination with obvious manipulation of its market dynamics, I am completely uncomfortable with the issues of fairness and reputation on the Rarible ecosystem.

I have burned all of my art NFTs minted there, and am no longer making my art available on the platform going forward. There is a warning banner on my account page there now, too. If you spot anyone minting obxium art on there after today, it is not me.

obxium art is minted only by this address:


Thanks to all who support me and my art, and best of luck to youn all!




OG crypto artists & chaotic neutral organic cyborg

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