Doing Weird Shit with Tweets

Antisocial Dec 19, 2020

Lately on Twitter, there is rash of people, many of them popular cryptoartists–  tweeting too hard.

Why is this happening? It is because they are trying to make tweets which are good enough that someone wants to collect them as an Ethereum token.



The infamous cryptoartist XCOPY, hawking toot like there's no tomorrow.

Get set up to tokenize your toots!

Just hook your Twitter up to us and we will do the rest. 😉

As with any Twitter application, Valuables wants access to some data related to your account so that they can "verify which tweets are yours" and this is done by authorizing their application access to your data.

You can't sell toot on Valuables without this sorta kinda form of you know, Know Your Customer (KYC) aka, the kryptonite of the cryptosphere.

You want to sell toot so bad though that you don't care and you dive into the shallow end of celebrity status...

Authorize Valuables to access your account?

We are gonna need to see some ID before we sell your twutt content.

Here is the specific access you are granting to Valuables in exchange for a chance to sell those spicy toots of yours, mr. famous art person.

  • See Tweets from your timeline (including protected Tweets) as well as your Lists and collections.
  • See your Twitter profile information and account settings.
  • See accounts you follow, mute, and block.
  • See your email address.

To think about this on the one hand, it is somewhat absurd to ponder the notion of a service that is selling tweets and making money on selling tweets.

Wild, right?!

On the other hand– the one that always asks "what data is this service getting and what can they do with it?"... well, there's a list of access you are explicitly allowing Valuables to your data while you are busy selling tweets.

It told you this right where you clicked Authorize app. Remember, this is not even a complete list of possibilities that Valuables can learn about you.

  1. Tweets from your timeline, including protected tweets– so if you protect your tweets later and forget to disable this application, it will still retain access to your protected tweets
  2. The email address you used to sign up for Twitter
  3. Your birthday (if you added it but did not set its visibility to Only you)
  4. Everyone who you have blocked or muted (super handy for mapping both sentiment and social cliques)
  5. All lists and collections that are not private, nbd right?
  6. Social graph data about who you follow, again nbd right?

Some of these things are public and like nbd, but it is not as though Valuables is using a web brwoser and looking up all these details by hand. No, they are using the Twitter API as a developer, so they have much more sophisticated and useful access to your data. Probably more usful than you might think.

However, as developers of an application, Valuables are bound by the Twitter Developer Agreement and Policy and so many more sets of rules your eyes would fall out to read them all:

By building on the Twitter API or accessing Twitter Content, you must comply with ALL Twitter policies. These include this Developer Policy, the Automation Rules, the Display Requirements, the API Restricted Uses Rules, the Twitter Rules, the Twitter Brand Resources, the Periscope Community Guidelines, and the Periscope Trademark Guidelines, as well as any other agreements you enter into with Twitter relating to your use of the Twitter API or Twitter Content, including but not limited to the Developer Agreement or a Master Licensing Agreement or Order (as applicable).

So let us hope that Valuables is playing by all them rules! 😅

There are many questions about these data too. For example, Valuables gains access to the email addresses and potentially birth date of Twitter users who authorize its application. Does it handle these data internally in a GDPR-compliant manner for its European users?

While it seems that selling twutts is going to be a fun time for all involved (& the t00t content belongs to the user so no biggie, right?) for a little while, this will doubtfully remain true as there are so many rules to be broken.

Either that, or Valuables will not sustain so long as these three interesting things are in effect:

  1. Valuables generates revenue from users selling tweets
  2. Valuables uses the Twitter API to generate this revenue from users tweets (recall that it's required to authorize the Valuables app at sign up)
  3. Twitter does not receive a cut of the generated income

It's very unlikely that 3 will ever become a possibility and so with this reasoning being sound, the only logical eventuality is that Twitter issues a C&D or revokes Valuables API usage due to the monetization loophole and Valuables ceases to exist in the near term future.

We shall see, and in the meantime it is some kind of #arthistory. 😩


Dalkhan Masaev

Try to keep levity Embrace the mashugana ART!

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