About Alpacawhal

Alpacawhal is an independent web publication and private newsletter for those who want to keep up with art in in emerging spaces.

What exactly is meant by emerging spaces?

Alpacawhal uses this term to encompass a world of exciting new art possibilities from the Crypto Art, Rare Digital Art, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality communities and beyond.

Crypto Art?

This term has a hotly debatable definition, but is generally regarded to mean art that relates to themes from cryptopunk, to cryptocurrency and all of the memes, people, and technologies in between. The term also incidentally refers to art that is almost exculsively exchanged for a particular cryptocurrency (most commonly Ethereum, EOS, or Bitcoin) and is also known as blockchain art.

Check out What is Crypto Art? for a deeper dive into the topic.

It is not currently a maintstream art outlet, and on the contrary, has been equated to a contemporary equivalent of street art by no less than Cameron Winklevoss in this tweet:

You can learn more from What is Crypto Art?

Florez, X, Gisel. "Ethereum's Wave | Transmissions of Light," 2019 (KnownOrigin)


The emerging spaces that are often deeply interlinked with crypto art take the form of a metaverse- or more accurately, several of them. These are 3D virtual worlds either somewhat cartoonishly realistic or full on voxelized (think Minecraft if you are unfamiliar) form. Most allow users to don VR headsets and interact with the world that way.

These metaverses use some form of cryptocurrency (often ETH) and utility token to power various functions, such as purchasing parcels of virtual land and the creation of in-world items.

There are currently 4 popular metaverses, and they all have serious art support, with galleries and events regularly occurring within them.

Metaverse Style Crypto
CryptoVoxels Voxel ETH & COLR token
Decentraland 3D cartoon LAND & MANA tokens
Somnium Space 3D realistic Somnium Space Cubes
The Sandbox* Voxel FUND, LAND & SAND tokens

* Not yet live

Now that you have an idea of what Alpacawhal covers, take a minute to learn about how we will strive to cover these exciting new art spaces.

The Alpacawhal Affirmation

Alpacawhal will seek to amplify voices of unheard and underrepresented artists whenever possible.

Alpacawhal will strive to impart information with humor so as to not take topics too seriously. This is coverage of art and spaces for creation, not warfare- This information deserves accuracy, but can also be presented with levity and the occasional hilarity. It is our hope that this can help us all to remain humble contributors to a movement capable of introspection through lightheartedness.

Alpacawhal uses images of art on the website in a manner consistent with United States copyright "fair use" laws, which does not require permission in advance to use images of art since we operate as an educational and critical information website.  We appropriately and fully credit each image we use. If you are an artist who prefers that we do not use imagery of your work in Alpacawhal articles, please feel free to reach out and mention the URL(s) in question. We will do our best to honor your request in a timely manner.

Alpacawhal does not offer financial advice. No Alpacawhal content is to be construed as financial advice. All content is provided as-is, without warranty, expressly for educational and informational purposes only. Refer to the website disclaimer for further details.

Alpacawhal does not track you.

Check our Blacklight scan results for yourself.  If you don't wanna take a look. they look like this...

Alpacawhal does not use bullshit trackers on our website.

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